DBLY Group is not your typical computer repair company.  While can certainly can fix your computers, what we offer is substantially more.

We’ve spent more than 30 years in the business.  We have watched computer companies come and go. We have witnessed the birth of new technologies, watched them grow, mature, and wither away of old age and obsolescence. Along the way we have learned a few things, foremost of these is that computers are just a tool, a means to an end. What is really important is indentifying business needs, defining the problem, and applying the right solution.

As such, first and foremost DBLY Group is a CONSULTING company.  We can work with you in your business to identify those areas that need improvement, some of which may not be obvious.

The best computer in the world won’t help you in your business unless it is running the right software.  Sometimes that software can be found already written, other times the right software must be created from scratch.  DBLY Group is a DEVELOPMENT company, and we can write that software.

Just having the software isn’t enough, you need to be able to take the computer hardware, the software, and all of the other technology components and integrate them into single solution.  DBLY Group is an INTEGRATION company.

Once a solution is deployed, things change.  Technologies are upgraded, business needs change, people make mistakes and computers break.  You need someone who can keep it all running, even after everything is installed. DBLY Group is that COMPUTER SUPPORT company.

The Internet is here to stay, and many of our solutions integrate Internet and Cloud components.  In order to provide those solutions and to able to provide guaranteed levels of service we operate our own server farms.  DBLY Group is a WEBSITE HOSTING company.

In a modern business information is critical.  It must be protected, yet it also must be available.  Part of that process is making sure that data is encrypted, taken out of your building and stored securely elsewhere where it is safe from fire, theft, and natural calamity.  DBLY Group is an OFFSITE BACKUP company.

These are just a subset of our offered services.