You are an expert in your business. We are an expert in ours. In order to be successful, you need knowledge transfer. You need someone who can look at your problems from the outside and give you advice on how to solve them. DBLY Group is that resource.

While our focus is primarily on consulting for your business computing needs, it certainly doesn’t end there. For example, for one of our recent new clients we analyzed their production methods and were able to show them how to double their production rate without increasing headcount with simple changes to their procedures and with the introduction of some specialized test fixtures, fixtures which DBLY Group even designed and built. We were also able to assist them with their packaging design and develop additional supply lines so that they were not held hostage to any single supplier.

With our experience in designing and operating servers and server farms, we also consult with Internet Service Providers and other enterprises that maintain their own internet-facing web and mail servers.

Most companies have a website these days. What we can do for you is turn your website from a marketing piece, a “customer acquisition tool” into something more, into a “customer retention tool”. How do we do that? Well, ask us for a consultation, you don’t expect us to give everything away here do you? Each business is slightly different, so the approach taken is usually different for each business, but in general anything that we can do to make an existing customer STAY a customer is “customer retention”.