About DBLY Group, LLC

Started in 1983 as a sole proprietor when Mr. Donn Bly landed his first custom programming contract (survey analysis software for Fort Wayne Community Schools that ran on the then brand-new IBM XT platform) the DBLY name in its various forms has been in use ever since.

By the end of the 1990’s D. Bly Consulting had grown to have an increased focus on computer and networking service, was based in DeKalb County, and was often called upon by other Northeast Indiana computer stores to solve the “hard problems” that their own staff couldn’t handle either because they were overtaxed or due to lack of specialized training or knowledge.

With the explosive growth of the network service sector of the business, the company was hard-pressed to keep up with demand.  In order to meet that need at the end of 1999 Mr. Bly took on a business partner and formed Technology Specialists (Tspec) based out of Fort Wayne. While the original intent was to provide an enhanced level of coverage for their respective clients and to allow for more personal time, the combination resulted in explosive business growth.

As a business principal and technologist at Technology Specialists, Mr. Bly initially focused on the training and expansion of the network support personnel, but the primary responsibility in the later years of his tenure focused on building Technology Specialists into a premier business-oriented Internet Service Provider, providing reliable Internet access and services.

In March 2007 after spending 23 years of working 60 to 80 hours a week, Mr. Bly sold his ownership position in Technology Specialists so that he could slow down and pursue other entrepreneurial interests. However, as part of the terms of the sale Mr. Bly retained the “DBLY” name, marks, rights to the customer lists, and various other technologies.

DBLY Group, LLC was formed to act as a repository of those assets, and opened an office on Main Street in Auburn Indiana.

In 2013 the building at 113 W 7th Street, Auburn Indiana was purchased and renovations began, adding a data center with a fiber optic Internet connection, redundant power, redundant isolated environmental systems, and biometric security.

In 2016 the offices and day to day operations were moved from Main Street to 7th Street, consolidating operations.