Donna Martin-Boseker

When we went looking for someone who could manage our office computers and network, more than three other close friends and business associates recommended that we talk to Donn Bly, and boy are we glad that we did. He and his staff at Technology Specialists were able to straighten out our network and bring us much-needed stability, educating us as to what we could do better and what NOT to do. After Donn sold Technology Specialists and opened his office in Auburn we continued to use Technology Specialists for much of our computing needs, but sometimes you just need someone as fast as possible – and having Donn here in Auburn with a response time of minutes (and sometimes seconds) just couldn’t be beat.

While we still use Technology Specialists for some things, Donn is now our primary vendor.

Donna Martin-BosekerOwnerDonavan InsuranceAuburn Indiana

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