Recycling Advantage

screenshot_recyclingadvantageRecycling Advantage, part of Advantage Cartridge, is the business of recycling printer cartridges and other electronics.

Having outgrown their previous systems for processing data they came back to us for a solution. We created a self-contained customer portal implemented in the form of a WordPress Plugin that addressed all of their needs, completing it within budget and ahead of schedule. The portal includes features such as the ability for new customers to apply online and automatic verification of their email addresses before a human ever sees the application (eliminating one of their major problems of Form Spam), as well as all sorts of data upload, download, and reporting features.

A combination of CRM (Customer Relations Management), CMS (Content Management System), and eCommerce, the plugin is completely self-contained and allows them to install it into any WordPress theme of their choice. Additional features include automatic IP and Email blacklists, and extending WordPress to allow users to use either their customer ID or their email address to authenticate.

This site is an example of how we can extend open-source software to meet a business need.

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